Kestrel was the first manufacturer to switch to calcium organic stabilisers.

What Are The Consequences Of Stabilisers Falling Under CMR Category 2?

  • They will be placed on the authorisation list. If authorisation is granted, it is likely to be subject to periodic review. If authorisation is not granted a sunset date will be set for their prohibition.
  • They will require authorisation for each use.
  • For chemicals placed on the authorisation list the process to allow a single use is highly complicated and expensive and, as stated by the HSE, extremely unlikely to be granted.
  • Consumer information must be provided on the relevant chemical used in an application.
  • Post consumer waste that has been made with CMR Category 2 chemicals (Lead & Di butyl Tin) may also fall under the scope of REACH resulting in some practical difficulties for the recycling industry. A solution to this potential conflict between REACH and the need to recycle waste is currently the subject of discussion between industry and the regulatory bodies.

Kestrel was the first foam profile manufacturer to switch to calcium organic stabilisers in 2002, and is the only major supplier whose products are completely stabilised with calcium organic stabilisers in both the skin and core.


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