Help Your Customers Sell More

Winning new business and selling more to existing customers isn't easy in today's market. Increased competition and a focus on price make it difficult to stay ahead.

Kestrel distributors can now offer more support to their installer customers, with Kestrel's newly launched Registered Installer Scheme. For a nominal fee installers can buy a package from Kestrel which would include certificate of registration, Kestrel representative installation inspections, sales leads, van stickers and sample boxes. All of this adds credibility, allowing the installer the much needed differentiation from the competition. In turn this helps boost their sales, which is good news for them and good news for distributors.

For more information about the Kestrel Registered Installer Scheme, please visit the following page: Registered Installers or call our Marketing Department on 07753573222.

To view a map that shows the location of your closest Kestrel UK registered installers, please visit the following page: Registered Installers.

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