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Below are the answers to the ten most frequently asked questions about Kestrel's products and PVC-UE applications in general:

1. With what do you recommend fixing cover and corner joints to Fascia Board?

A: Low Modulus Neutral Cure Silicone.

2. What is the minimum coverage of waveline products - K-Wave & K-Crest?

A: A minimum of 150mm.

3. Has hollow soffit/cladding got a Class 1 Fire Rating?

A: No, whilst PVC-UE products in the Kestrel range have, hollow soffit/cladding has not.

4. Are woodgrain products guaranteed for external use?

A: Yes for 10 years and white products for 20 years.

5. Does Kestrel supply vented soffit with an insect mesh?

A: No, Kestrel does not recommend the use of mesh due to the reduction in vent area and air flow, coupled with the possibility of the mesh becoming totally blocked from airborne dust and debris. BS5250 recommends a minimum slot size of 4mm.

6. What expansion gaps are required when installing Kestrel products?

A: For white products there should be an expansion gap of 5mm per board end (eg. 2 boards butting up to each other in the same plane = 10mm gap). When installing woodgrain product this gap is increased from 5mm to 8mm per board end.

7. Are PVC cladding products suitable for use in swimming pool buildings?

A: Yes, contact with swimming pool water is not detrimental to PVC.

8. Is it better to install the thickest board available?

A: For a replacement installation a 16mm fascia board will perform equally as well as thicker products, requiring no additional support and taking both gutter and tile loading. If the 16mm board chosen is K16 it can be teamed with 9mm K605 bargeboard to give a cost effective performance installation.

9. What is the coverage of Kestrel Shiplap and Open-V Cladding boards?

A: 670/150 Shiplap = 150mm 671/100 Open-V = 100mm.

10. What is the length of the leg on Kestrel ‘L Boards’?

A: Both K16 and K605 have the same length of leg which is 36mm.


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