Introduction to Kestrel Social Housing

Kestrel has nearly 20 years Experience With Housing Associations and Local Authorities

Kestrel has a record of nearly 20 years of supplying low maintenance PVC-UE RooflineCladding and Windowline products to the Registered Social Landlords in Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

In addition to the benefits of our low life cycle, maintenance free, 100% future proofed calcium organic stabilised products, we understand what is important to professionals involved in social housing.

We partner with all clients to ensure that together we meet your demands of sustainability, supply chain legacy, Agenda 21 and Best Value combined with staying ahead of our industry trends and regulation including Vinyl 2010 ( now Vinyl Plus) and REACH. It's difficult for specifiers as you can't be experts in everything you specify. Kestrel's role therefore goes beyond manufacturer to one of consultant, driven by our understanding of your needs to achieve the most cost effective way and sustainable way to supply fit for purpose products.


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