Kestrel all of a Twitter for social media

Leading PVC-U and PVC-UE building products manufacturer Kestrel is reporting a boost to its online visibility after launching the brand on a number of social media platforms.

Kestrel sales and marketing director Simon Reynolds decided to test launching the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and a blog at the end of 2011. He admitted to being uncertain at first about whether the channels would bring a tangible benefit.

“I was initially sceptical of the benefits of social media in an industry such as ours but I have to say the results have been impressive,” he said. “We’ve been able to highlight products and services, engage with customers and track interest.”

So far Kestrel is reporting strong traffic to their website, and an ever rising social media follower count. However the real benefits became apparent when the company recently launched a new cellular siding range into the US market.

Simon Reynolds said: “The launch of the cellular siding range onto the US market is a huge step for Kestrel and is something we have been working on for quite some time.

 “Through a digital marketing strategy, that included social media, we saw a surge of interest over a three-day period in the website.”

 While many in the industry are sceptical of how websites such as Facebook can deliver results in the building supplies industry, Simon felt certain of its benefits.

 “Social media has been an incredibly cost-effective addition to Kestrel’s marketing toolkit,” he said. “It’s not the entire toolkit by any means, but used wisely it can help to boost customer engagement, product awareness and improve SEO. There is a good deal more that we plan to do with social media in the coming months, but the initial results are excellent.”

Kestrel can be found on the following social media platforms: