Kestrel© New Black Grain Trims Meet Customer Demand

Even better on-line communications with distributors, installers and housebuilders is the aim of Kestrel's newly relaunched website,

“It’s part of our forward vision,” affirms Sales and Marketing Director Tony Crutcher. “It marks the official launch of our “rely on it” logo and brand identity, and signifies the beginning of a new era of growth and development for Kestrel.”

“Investing in a new website is just part of our commitment to achieving the best possible communication with our customers – both in the UK and internationally. The site provides instant access to our technical support and distributor service teams. 

“Kestrel is a rapidly developing company at the moment, and the site will become an essential reference point for all new product and service information; you can rely on our site to keep you up to date.”

On the new site, special emphasis is placed on the needs of the distributor, with all the Kestrel customer support staff named with direct dial lines. Contacts for Technical and Promotional support are also given, and a number of useful trade, industry and commercial links.

Amongst other customer-focused features of the new Kestrel site is the What’s New section, introducing the latest launches of Kestrel products and the latest case studies.

Sections are also dedicated to the needs of all Kestrel’s market base, including specifiers (housing associations, local authorities and builders), installers and distributors and international customers. Even householder/consumers are included with advice on what to look out for when having PVC-U/UE products installed in order to get the best job.

For more information or samples of Kestrel products e-mail