UPVC roofline products manufacturer Kestrel flies into fifth year of social media

UPVC roofline products manufacturer Kestrel is heading into its fifth year of using social media and says that engagement is at an all-time high.

The brand has regular updates on its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ channels, which it uses as part of a wider communications strategy.

Sales and marketing director of the Kestrel brand, which manufacturers plastic fascia, soffits, cladding and window line products, Simon Reynolds said: “When we entered into social media we were focused very much at building our numbers of followers. 

“That focus has changed more recently to engagement and interaction.”

Simon explained that the brand has used its social media channels to highlight the work of Kestrel registered installers and developments in distributors’ businesses. It has also used social media to guide people to useful information and materials about its plastic cladding, fascia, soffit and window line products as well as communicate news such as its latest delivery levels and introduce members of the Kestrel team.

“Social media has helped us talk about the things that matter to our customers such as information on OTIF (on time in full) delivery rates and signposting them to the Kestrel staff able to offer help and advice, such as our estimating department and customer services team,” Simon explained.

 “Often this information is shared by out distributors, so that they can help inform their own customers about Kestrel products.” 

In turn this focus on engagement through social media has led to an increase in its website traffic. Kestrel has also added links to its social media channels on its website www.kbp.co.uk.

 “We have been working with Tony Crutcher Ltd to deliver Kestrel’s PR and social media and their input has been very valuable,” Smon added. “With their help we have been able to ensure that messages are timely, carried out to a high standard and of genuine interest to customers.”