Kestrel is a Recovinyl Registered Recycler.

Our Mission

Incentives to stimulate collection and recycling.

Recovinyl provides financial incentives to support the collection of PVC waste from the non-regulated PVC waste streams. Its aim is to ensure a steady supply of post-consumer PVC waste for recycling in Europe. The non-regulated streams are those not covered by any existing legislation like Packaging, ELV (End of Life Vehicles) or WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives.

We work with a wide range of partners: consumers, businesses, municipalities, waste management companies and recyclers, as well as the European Commission and national and local governments.

We will subsidise those, who collect PVC waste and send it to accredited waste recovery companies and recyclers. The payments of incentive help to make up for the higher cost of recycling in comparison with other end-of-life solutions, such as landfill. The incentive system aims as well to encourage the recycling of PVC products on an industrial scale PVC, a Recyclable Material.

Fit For Recycling

PVC compounds are 100% recyclable physically, chemically or energetically. After mechanical separation, grinding, washing and treatment to eliminate impurities, it is reprocessed using various techniques (granulated or powder) and reused in the production.

PVC products serve long useful lives which diminishes the waste production in case when less durable products are used.


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