Kestrel service benefits to social housing specifiers

Kestrel has a 16-year track record of supplying low maintenance PVC-UE RooflineCladding and Windowline products to the Registered Social Landlords in Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

Specifying different products required for refurbishing and building homes is difficult because there are so many. It's ddifficult as you can't be experts in everything you specify. Kestrel's role therefore goes beyond manufacturer to one of consultant, driven by our understanding of your needs to achieve the most cost effective way and sustainable way to supply fit for purpose products. We achieve this by:

  • Working with clients to understand individual requirements to ensure the most cost effective, fit for purpose sustainable solutions
  • Working with you prior to specification to analyse housing stock to understand and anticipate any future problems and solve them before they arise
  • Working with clients and sub contractors to ensure that installation is correct. Where there is doubt, we offer training to the installation teams whether subcontract or DLOs, as well as the specifier so they are empowered through better understanding of the process. We recently worked with one housing association who engaged us to train its existing DLO to install our products, thus sustaining and even increasing local and resident employment
  • Offering regular site visits and reporting back on progress and quality
  • Engaging with the entire supply chain to ensure continuity of supply
  • Helping to leave a supply chain legacy by using future proofed products (calcium organic), offering training to residents for City and Guild Level enabling them to work on projects and advising on recycling solutions
  • Our dedicated estimating team can offer support with free services including scheduling from drawings or pricing bills of quantities; average turnaround time under 7 days; 99.5% accuracy; ability to accept electronic and hard copy tenders and drawings; take - off service for costing exercises; CAD drawings and NBS clauses
  • Technical help line  : 01724 400454
  • Our national team of Regional Contracts Managers will visit your housing stock to advise on the best way to achieve best value
  • CSS cards so we can visit site
  • Innovation - we have developed bespoke solutions and products to for certain registered social housing landlord's needs


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