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Technical Standards

It’s one thing for Kestrel to tell the market how good its products are, but we believe in backing that up with substance. That is why we have worked to achieve the following quality and technical standards.

Click on any of the links below to view/download the following accreditations/quality standards.

1. BBA 11/4835 Kestrel PVC-UE Roofline
2. BBA 11/4839 Kestrel PVC-U Cladding
3. Kitemark KM 606759 - BS 7619:2021
4. ISO 9001
5. ISO 14001
6. BES6001 - Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products
7. Declaration of Performance (DOP)
8. COSHH datasheet
9. Resistance to Fixings - Installation
10. Environmental Policy
11.Kitemark - Kestrel Part list

From the 1st July 2013 certain products sold within the EU are legally required to carry a CE marking.
The CE Marking
A declaration by a manufacturer showing that a particular product meets all appropriate European legislation - eg safety, health and environmental. It is used to break down barriers to trade ensuring the free movement of these products within the European market.
This will only affect products that are subject to the new harmonised product standards which have been agreed by the EEC. These harmonised standards are known as hENs.
Products Affected
Only Kestrel’s manufactured range of Cellular Cladding profiles are affected, namely 150mm Shiplap, 100mm Open-V - Kavex Textured Shiplap Cladding  and Kavex Textured Featheredge Cladding.
The CE marking does not apply to any of Kestrel’s Cladding trims or Hollow Profiles (sold only as soffit).
In order to ensure total compliance, Kestrel has carried out tests for fire resistance, impact resistance and durability in accordance with the new harmonised standard for PVC cladding, BS EN 13245-2:2008. A dedicated document on the installation of cellular cladding has also been produced to meet the requirements of BS EN 13245-2: 2008 'Resistance to Fixings'.
As a result of  the above, Kestrel is now able to provide a Declaration of Performance (DoP) which affirms that Kestrel’s cellular cladding products comply with these new requirements.
One for PVC-UE Cladding with PVC-U skin in all currently available colours and one for PVC-UE Cladding with PVC-U skin & Laminate Foil in WG,SG, BG, PG and AGG.
Kestrel’s Obligations
From 1st July 2013 Kestrel will:
Place the full CE marking on the packaging of all cellular cladding boards manufactured on and after that date
Provide customers with access to DoP’s (Declaration of Performance) & Installation Instructions via our website above or on hard copy if required from our marketing department on: 07753573222.
General Notes For Customers
Any products manufactured up to 30th June 2013 are not required to have the CE marking on them and can still be supplied into the market place without restriction.


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