What are cladding boards?

Cladding boards, such as those made by Kestrel, are used to cover walls, often externally, and help to protect building from the elements.

The very nature of the boards means that they make a big statement, and so the aesthetic design of cladding boards can be as important as functionality.

Kestrel UPVC cladding boards are usually used externally as a wall covering and help to ensure the building is protected from the elements. The boards can be fitted vertically, horizontally or even diagonally.

The  appearance of cladding is important as it often becomes a powerful statement of the overall appearance of a building, a wall or a ceiling. To help meet design expectations UPVC cladding comes in a range of finishes, sizes and shapes.  In the Kestrel range, Kavex textured UPVC cladding is very popular as it gives the traditional appearance of painted timber, but is low maintenance.

For example, common shapes of cladding boards include tongue and groove cladding boards, shiplap cladding boards and feather edge cladding boards.

Other terms often used with cladding boards include weatherboard cladding, vinyl cladding, vinyl siding, siding, fibre cement siding, embossed cladding, plain cladding, PVC cladding, timber cladding, metal cladding, brick cladding internal cladding boards and decorative cladding boards.

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